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Nelson & Associates serves the employment
needs of the food manufacturing industry
Executive - Managerial - Technical

Nelson & Associates
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Tel: (425) 418-4035
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Determine the employer's needs in advance.

Make sure your resume answers the employer's needs and makes him want to learn more about you.

Your resume should reflect your positive personality - it needs to stand up to an initial screening lasting 30 seconds and hopefully a later in depth revue lasting 2 minutes.

Your resume must get two thumbs up by the hiring manager. #1 Do I like this person enough to want to work with him or her? #2 Does this person have the ability to do the job? (Personality & Skills)

Your resume must say I'm an interesting person.

Your resume is like your signature. Both should uniquely identify you and certify that what you allege is true.

Your resume must be unique, without being in poor taste or condescending.

Employers seek "need fillers", people with the right capabilities who can take care of their needs so, they can focus on other problems.

Force yourself to assess and present yourself as sets of skills which you bring to the interview bargaining table.

Learn the name of the hiring manager and do some detective work regarding his style of management.

Find out why the opening. Is this a new position? What are the circumstances regarding the leaving of the previous holder of your new job.

All communications with the employer and his representative should be A: Accurate, B: Brief, and C: Clear.
A: Be very accurate not allowing for someone to question - What is this candidate trying to hide here? ***Into the Wastebasket !

B: Everything the employer needs to know should fit on one page, with plenty of white space. If you need more space use the second page labeling it as supporting or additional data.

C: Make your resume clear and readable by using action verbs and descriptive adjectives to describe what you'll be doing for an employer. Avoid using the passive voice and past tense. Avoid using to many sentences starting with the "I" pronoun.

Remember to make your resume speak to your accomplishments not your responsibilities. Who cares what you were responsible for? They want to know what your successes are.

Format your resume to create eye contact with 3 or 4 strengths. This should help you survive that initial 30 second screening.

Make your resume a sales tool, not a personal history.

Consider the process of getting a new job as a temporary job of marketing a product -- (You).

Feel sorry for employers who reject you, because they just missed a great opportunity !!


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