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Nelson & Associates serves the employment
needs of the food manufacturing industry
Executive - Managerial - Technical

Nelson & Associates
P.O. Box 2686
Kirkland, WA 98083

(425) 418-4035

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Finally an Outplacement Service that Provides Direct Employment Contact !

Our Outplacement Service is a tool you have to minimize the negative effects of staff reductions due to corporate consolidations, mergers, and personnel adjustments. Your former employee will find that new employment faster and with a minimum expense.

A Tangible, Measurable, and Valuable Program !

  1. Your X-Employee selects realistic geographic, food group, and company size employment targets.
  2. We'll search through approximately 13,000 food manufacturing locations.
  3. Your X-Employee will be provided with mailing labels and a follow-up telephone list of those companies that are most likely to match their goals.

Your X-Employee will be mailing out their resume and letters within a few days rather than weeks. Let Nelson & Associates help these people gain the competitive edge by putting their resume on the appropriate desk efficiently and effectively.

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