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    forecast levels of demand for services and products;

    keep a constant check on stock levels;

    conduct research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality;

    liaise between suppliers, manufacturers, relevant internal departments and customers;

    build and maintain good relationships with new and existing suppliers;

    negotiate and agree contracts, monitoring the quality of service provided;

    process payments and invoices;

    keep contract files and use them as reference for the future;

    forecast price trends and their impact on future activities;

    give presentations about market analysis and possible growth;

    develop a purchasing strategy;

    produce reports and statistics using computer software;

    evaluate bids and make recommendations, based on commercial and technical factors;

    ensure suppliers are aware of business objectives;

    attend meetings;

    work closely with other departments and interface with management to assure reliable and on time deliveries of supplies;

    work closely with R&D department to assess future trends in ingredient and packaging and evaluate their relevance for the company



You will need to have:

    good oral and written communication skills;

    strong analytical skills;

    commercial awareness;

    the ability to adapt to different departmental and client needs and to develop and maintain successful working relationships;

    an excellent standard of numeracy in order to analyze facts and figures;

    a flair for negotiation and networking;

    the ability to make important decisions and cope with the pressure of demanding targets and tight deadlines;

    a confident and mature approach;

    Tact and diplomacy.