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Job Summary

The Principal Extrusion Engineer responsibilities comprise the development of extrusion processing and supporting the product development, production and engineering needs by effective setting up and operation of various extrusion equipment and processes.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities- 


  1. Provide technical thought leadership for the development of extrusion capabilities across the enterprise. Work with Sales and Marketing to meet the unique needs and objectives of current and new customers. Deliver focused, technically based customer presentations. Manage high level capital projects focused on business growth and the introduction of new technologies
  2. Provide technical expertise to those accountable for implementing and optimizing extrusion processes within the Supply Chain.  Summarize and draw conclusions from test results leading to highly effective technical resolution of process problems.  Perform productivity evaluation to determine production bottle necks leading to production optimization, capacity increase and cost reduction. Provide coaching and mentoring to plant technical and manufacturing employees in best practices of extrusion.
  3. Collaborate with product development team members on the development of new extruded products. Oversee process technology development and transfer from R&D to production. Provide statistical analysis that is vital for research and development of projects. Develop new processes and tools in an efficient manner to meet given timelines.
  4. Collaborate with the customer's R&D team to develop new extruded products that meet the intermediate product specs that will perform at a high level in the customer's processes.  This will require understanding our process and learning the key characteristics that are critical to making the customer's process perform and meet the end product specifications.


Education and Experience

Bachelor of Science or MS in Engineering or Food Science; 7 to 10 years related experience and/or training with extrusion technologies.  Food processing knowledge and previous experience in the development and manufacture of micro-pellets and half products is required.  Experience with high pressure twin-screw extruders preferred.

Other Skills and Abilities